About This Podcast

This story was translated into a series of podcast stories by storyteller David S.  The content of the stories comes from Chance, the Lighthouse Man, a beacon of infinite possibility who has been telling this story for a very long time.  You can find this story on every continent in every era, though the characters have different names and biographies.  

This version is for you.

 Jason Phelps, seasoned Austin Texas performer, and vanguard educator, directs the team of storytellers

Angus Sewell McCann produces the podcast and composed the Horsemen theme. 

We hope you enjoy the stories in the podcast, they are entertaining and give us all something to consider.  For those of you who hear a call hidden within the story, know that it is one of service.  Always service.  Carriers of the Pearl are here to help, that is all.  Remember this as you begin your work.